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Intelligent 18W LED Batten Light (600mm)


The ENSA? LED batten light series comprises customisable energy efficient lighting solutions that deliver control over your lighting, without the need for a complex management system. Models are available as standard sensor batten lights or as an emergency sensor batten light fitted with an emergency backup battery for over 5 hours light uptime.

Intelligent emergency battens feature motion detection, on-time delay and standby time delay functions to tailor your light use for efficiency & practicality. Each model features 2-stage dimming and can be configured to stay at 100% brightness, to dim and then turn off, or to dim and stay dimmed.

? Tailor your light use to further compound energy savings.
? Adjustable light-use controls such as on-time delay.
? Sensor can detect motion through glass and thin walls.
? Built tough housing: IP65 dust and weather resistant.
? Emergency lighting models are AS2293.3 approved.
? Easy access TEST button for emergency light testing.
? NSW ESS Accepted

Weight 1.04 kg
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 62 cm
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