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48W LED Panel Light (3000K)


ENSA? LED panel lights are for replacing traditional tube lighting and are best suited for office and business, in medical and educational environments, in conference rooms, and more. These convenient and efficient lights have a standard rectangular profile (1200 x 300mm) and can be easily recessed in tiled ceilings, surface mounted or suspension mounted.

Each ENSA? LED panel light features a low Unified Glare Rating, providing a pleasing light that isn?t distracting or detrimental to workplace productivity. They are the efficient LED upgrade solution for fluorescent tube troffers.
? Minimalist, stylish & efficient 9mm thick LED panel light.
? Versatile: recessed, suspension & surface mount options.
? Produces a pleasing, soft and evenly distributed light.
? Minimises glare with a low unified glare rating.
? Available in a variety of colour temperatures.
? Designed to fit into standard ceiling grid sizes.
? NSW ESS Accepted

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 33.5 × 129 cm
Product ID LPL-A48-WW Category Tag