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150W UVC Purification Light


UVC Purification Lights disinfect rooms without the need for cleaning products or chemicals. The purification light emits short-wave UVC radiation that effectively kills pathogens with an up to 100% success rate, killing bacteria and germs including MRSA, salmonella, E.coli, Covid-19 and more.

All models feature an alarm and motion sensor technology that will deactivate the UVC light if motion is detected, plus T models feature a timer function for UVC light scheduling. These UVC lights are ideal for disinfecting offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, warehouses, factories and more (during non-operational / working hours).

Product features:
? 150W UVC (Ultraviolet-C) light
? Kill pathogens without the use of chemicals, disinfects & purifies rooms against bacteria & germs
? On-board safety with motion sensor and warning alarm
? UVC light can remove chemicals such as chlorine, ozone, total organic carbon & more
? Lab tested by SGS with verified kill rates as high as 100%

* Exposure to UVC is hazardous to health. Research UVC lighting before installation or use.

Weight 5.45 kg
Dimensions 46 × 47 × 15 cm
Product ID UVC-A150 Category Tag